To make sure we are keeping you and our staff safe on you next stay at the Dunedin Palms Motel we have outlined the change in procedures during each government Level to insure minimum risk.


Traffic Light System – Green : Normal Operation

Traffic Light System – Orange : Extra Cleaning of all touch services, door handles, hand rails, light switches, and all other main touch points. Reception Hours will be limited with more contactless communications.

Traffic Light System – Red : Emergency rates in place for guests that need somewhere to stay during lockdown. Items will be removed from Units such as cushions, extra TV remotes, compendiums, to avoid excess cleaning. Extra cleaning of all touch surfaces will be carried out. Rooms will be on a rotation schedule so that there is a two day vacancy in each room before it is available for use again. No daily servicing but extra amenities can be added to your room or delivered to your door upon request. Reception will be closed and only contactless check in will be available.

Cancellation Policy – Whilst our cancellation policy stays in effect, if you notify us that you are coming to town for a specific public event, eg. Concert or Sports Game and this gets cancelled within 48 hours of arrival we will waive any cancellation fees. If you have not notified us that you were coming for an event and it gets cancelled or you have a non-refundable booking and are unable to make it due to a change in government levels we will reschedule your booking to a later date free of charge (subject to availability) refunds will not be given.


Vaccination Policy

Vaccinated – All standard bookings do require you to be fully vaccinated and present your vaccine pass at time of check in. If you are arriving outside of office hours, please ensure you have sent an electronic copy of your vaccine pass to us via email (

Unvaccinated – We do have limited rooms set aside specifically for unvaccinated guests and prior arrangement is paramount.  All communication is treated confidentially.  You must ring to advise us of this before arrival to ensure we have an “unvaccinated room” available – preferably at time of booking. As we do only have limited rooms set aside, and if you show up and have not let us know that you are unvaccinated you may be turned away (refunds will not be given in this case).

If you are unvaccinated the following changes in our standard procedures do apply:

  • Limited number of rooms available – Room types are One Bedroom Apartment and Studio Units only – All other room types are not available if you are unvaccinated.
  • ‘Deal of the Day’ and Corporate Rates are not available if you are unvaccinated due to the extra cleaning required for these rooms, with all towels and bedding having to be processed separately.
  • Payment must be made prior to arrival by credit card or direct credit payment to our account – no cash.
  • Check-in is contactless, so therefore no need to come into reception and arrangements will be made for you to go straight to your room. If you require any assistance during your stay, please call reception from your room.
  • Continental and Cooked breakfasts are not available for unvaccinated guests – Packed Breakfast/Lunch boxes are still available and can be arranged prior to arrival.
  • Daily Services are not available for unvaccinated guests; your room will be supplied with extra towels and amenities if you are here for a longer stay. Weekly services will be done if you are staying longer than 5 days.
  • The Guest Laundry is not available to unvaccinated guests.
  • Access to any other rooms is not permitted.

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated guests – please ensure you social distance as advised by government.

We apologize for any inconvenience and we strive to keep all of our guests safe.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to give us a call. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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